What Your Job Pays in Different U.S. States

Have you ever thought about accepting a job offer somewhere else, pack up and move?
Perhaps you’d like to leverage your background as a German-trained mechanical engineer. Or you are a German-speaking executive assistant looking to move south. The southern states have seen a growing influx of German manufacturers recently.

But what about the pay? The website Flowingdata.com has created an interactive chart that will help you compare. How does your possible destination stack up with the state where you work now?

The dynamic chart shows the median income by occupations in the U.S. It’s a good starting point, but not more.

The tool makes it easy to compare salary differences by job and state. Just keep in mind that median salary figures by themselves can be misguiding.

Yes, the median pay for mechanical engineers is higher in California than in Michigan. But the overall difference is quickly gobbled up by higher price tags for housing and quality education for the kids.

Median income describes the amount right in the middle between two equal groups. Half of the employees are paid above that amount, while the other half receive wages below that amount.

How to use the chart

Select a state in the drop-down menu. Then adjust the slider to see the median annual salaries. When you click on a job group within a particular occupation field, you get more detailed numbers about the pay in that state.

For this example, we’ve selected “Michigan,” then clicked on “Mechanical Engineers.”
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