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Recent “Position Sought” Posts

The following “Situation / Position Sought” postings***** (in German: “Stellengesuche”) have been recently submitted by (German-speaking) candidates advertising their interest in long term, temporary or contract employment in business between the U.S. and Germany. Paid “Seeking Position” advertisements, like the ones below, are more common in Germany than in the U.S. They are provided here as an additional service as per request of our German users. Submissions can be accessed FREE of charge by employers / recruiters.

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Position / Situation Sought - Stellengesuche
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# Stellengesuche - "Position Sought" Postings

Hiring companies and recruiters can contact the candidates who have posted these situation sought ads directly via email or social media, free of charge.

This page also includes long-term postings by freelance consultants and contractors looking for temporary and project-based assignments in business between the U.S. and Germany / Austria / Switzerland.

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[Senior IT / Project / Operations Manager. Business Development / SCM](// "Seeking / Suche: Senior IT / Project / Operations Manager. Business Development / SCM, Frankfurt am Main / Munich (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **Frankfurt am Main / Munich**, **Germany**
[Finanzvorstand (USA)](// "Seeking / Suche: Finanzvorstand (USA), USA (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **USA**, **USA**
[IT Project Management](// "Seeking / Suche: IT Project Management, Bavaria (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **Bavaria**, **Germany**
[Sales Manager](// "Seeking / Suche: Sales Manager, Florida (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **Florida**, **USA**
[Senior Manager](// "Seeking / Suche: Senior Manager, Washington, DC, Northern VA, East, South USA, or Germany (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **Washington, DC, Northern VA, East, South USA, or Germany**, **Germany or USA**
[Customer Service](// "Seeking / Suche: Customer Service, All of Germany (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **All of Germany**, **Germany**
[Business Development / M&A](// "Seeking / Suche: Business Development / M&A, New York City (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **New York City**, **USA**
[IT Projektleiter](// "Seeking / Suche: IT Projektleiter, All locations in Germany (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **All locations in Germany**, **Germany**
[IT-Management, Teamlead for IT-Consultants](// "Seeking / Suche: IT-Management, Teamlead for IT-Consultants, Florida - Tampa area (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **Florida - Tampa area**, **USA**
[Account Manager / Senior Field Sales Representative / Sales ](// "Seeking / Suche: Account Manager / Senior Field Sales Representative / Sales , Southern California or Germany (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **Southern California or Germany**, **Germany or USA**
[Independent Medical Distributor](// "Seeking / Suche: Independent Medical Distributor, California and Western USA (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **California and Western USA**, **USA**
[Content Creation / Marketing / U.S. English - German](// "Seeking / Suche: Content Creation / Marketing / U.S. English - German, Silicon Valley and Berlin, Germany - Onsite or Contract / Re (Germany-USA Career Center Stellengesuch)") **Silicon Valley and Berlin, Germany - Onsite or Contract / Re**, **USA**
## Stellengesuche: What It Is, How it Works

What it is: "Stellengesuche" (Position Sought Ads) are a service category that is more common in Germany than in the U.S. Job seekers actively advertise their search for a new position.

Why applicants use it: Privacy and convenience. It is FREE to keep your CV on file with the Germany-USA Career Center, but perhaps your resume / Lebenslauf is not ready yet, or you don't want your current employer to find out. You decide which information to share, and what job offers you respond to.

Why it works: It is easily found by the most common Internet search engines, and makes it easier on recruiters and hiring managers to find job seekers. It alerts them to a qualified potential employee being available, and allows them to contact the job seeker directly.

How it works: You need to be registered as a job seeker with the Germany-USA Career Center to activate a posting on this page. Create your account here!

Caution: As a job seeker who has posted to this page, NEVER respond to "job offers" asking you to provide a Social Security number, credit card, banking, login or password information. Such "job offers" are usually fraudulent.

## My GUCC Experience

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"10 without a doubt. Yes, I would highly recommend this service. The service was very helpful and offered information specific to what I was looking for and was not just 'cookie cutter' information.


Justin Torrito
Pittsburgh, PA

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## Your faster way to results:

The Germany-USA Career Center is the leading recruiting source for U.S.-German and German-American markets. It provides employment, career and search services for companies and individuals in the US and in Germany.Das Germany-USA Career Center, die führende Personalberatung für die deutsch-amerikanische Wirtschaft, offeriert Personaldienstleistungen und Personalvermittlung für den Handel zwischen Deutschland und den USA.

Please note: We are a professional firm with a proven track record in providing recruiting, targeted job posting / mailing and career services in this niche market.

We are not a Chamber of Commerce, deutsch-amerikanische Handelskammer, German American Chamber of Commerce, or Außenhandelskammer.

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The Germany-USA Career Adviser service is the ONLY service of its kind in Germany and in the U.S. We also cover Austria and Switzerland. Wir sprechen Deutsch!

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## My GUCC Experience
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"My career adviser was excellent! He helped me to re-do my cover letter and resume, taught me about the differences between the German and American job market, provided me with detailed information and high-quality job leads.

Working with the Germany-USA Career Center gave me the confidence boost that I needed to find a better job faster!

I would definitely recommend all services provided by the Germany-USA Career Center, and rate my career adviser with 10/10."

Career Services user Katja Hernandez

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Please note: Contact candidates only if you have an actual job offer. This service is constantly monitored to prevent abuse. Position Sought postings do not constitute an endorsement and are **not** representative or indicative for the content or quality of our structured, specialized [Germany-USA Career Center Resume Library]( "For Employers: Access the Specialized Germany-USA Resume Library"), which companies / recruiters can access for a flat-rate monthly fee (no subscription required, job posting/s included).

*****Find the full list on the GUCC main website: Stellengesuche / Position Sought page, plus a mobile version.