Top 15 States for U.S. Auto Parts Manufacturing Jobs

Working in the automotive parts supply chain, in manufacturing, logistics or management, being German-trained or at least experienced in interfacing with a Germany-based HQ, partners or customers, and/or speaking German, is a sweet spot to be in nowadays.You may even consider giving yourself a raise, in pay as well as quality of life, by way of relocating to one of the (fairly) new automotive industry hotbeds in the southeastern United States.
Source: [Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association]( (MEMA) in collaboration with IHS. Visualization: [GM Market Research]( “traditional” locations like Michigan, Ohio and Indiana are still attracting large automotive assembly plant investments, the modern South – Tennessee in particular – keeps rocking the boat.

In April, German auto parts supplier HP Pelzer Automotive Systems announced it will open a $28-million plant and create 200 jobs in Athens (McMinn County) that will supply the $1-billion Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga.

German-language readers can find an overview why so many German companies open subsidiaries around Chattanooga here.

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