Three Tools to Kickstart Your Expat Job Search in Germany

When taking your career global, the right web tools and apps will get you on the fast track. Here’s how to keep your expat job search in Germany, Austria or Switzerland focused and within budget.


Time and money are critical factors during any job hunt. They become even more pressing when looking for international career opportunities.

Working abroad as an expat, for example as an American in Germany, is not for the faint of heart. Tracking down the right expat job can put a serious strain on your schedule and funds.

You will juggle account logins for various career websites, like the Germany-USA Career Center, and event registration mobile apps. You will spend hours digging through foreign-language sites and social media profiles. You will conduct employment market research online and create dossiers on target companies. You will respond to job postings and follow up on promising leads.

And that’s just the beginning – if you are doing it right. So let’s get organized. Why not speed up the online part of your job search in Germany with web tools and apps?

The 80/20 Rule of Job Hunt Success

Keep in mind that your online job hunt activities should take up not more than 20 percent of your search time. Successful job hunters dedicate 80 percent of their efforts to person-to-person networking, surveys found.

Such candidates attend trade shows and conferences. They reach out to peers and leaders in their industry and to specialized recruiters. They prefer speaking with their contacts in person. As a result, they place and receive plenty of international phone calls.

How to Select the Right Tools for Your International Job Search

Apps and web services can free up, and help you manage, your schedule when looking for a job. But choose with care, because mastering them can distract you from accomplishing your mission.

Pick online tools that will make it easier, not harder, to focus on your job search. Here are some characteristics to look for:

  • gentle and short learning curve;
  • availability on smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as from desktop computers;
  • availability as a localized version for your destination country, if you are going abroad as an expat.

Based on these criteria, the Germany-USA Career Center recommends the following tools:

Manage Your Account Logins and Passwords With LastPass

Many job hunters have a hard time managing their secure logins for a variety of career websites and apps.

Yes, you can click the “Send me my password” button (if there is one). But then you have to wait around for a response that takes forever to hit your email inbox. How’s that working for you?

[LastPass]( "Get the LastPass password management app" rel="nofollow) is a cloud-based service that helps you protect your privacy against identity theft.

LastPass creates and manages secure passwords that you don’t even have to remember. It helps you minimize the risk of losing track of your different logins for job boards, recruiter websites or corporate applicant tracking systems.You need to update the German or American version of your resume in a database? HR wants you to update online forms on your new employer’s website?

With LastPass, it takes only seconds to log in. The service generates individual passwords and remembers them for you. It is available on all major computing and smartphone platforms.

Break your bad password habits, stop the confusion, get LastPass

Organize Your Expat Job Search With Evernote

Evernote brands itself as the digital tool to “remember everything.”

More than 100 million users worldwide rely on the software to store, retrieve, edit and share online and offline information. Want to go paperless? The app even turns a modern smartphone into a document and business card scanner.

Evernote provides a basic structure that adapts to your information processing habits and needs. It sorts (web) documents, links and snippets into notebooks (folders).

Then, the service syncs the clippings between your computer and your smartphone.

Five Job Search Tasks Handled Faster with Evernote

  1. Create a job hunt to-do list.
  2. Set up an Evernote “notebook” to store interesting job postings for review and follow-up.
  3. After attending an event, scan business cards of new industry contacts. Evernote provides a built-in automatic document scanner for this purpose on your smartphone. It will also look up the new contacts on the business networking platform LinkedIn.
  4. Document your research of “target” companies. Take quick conversation notes when talking to industry contacts and recruiters. Find relevant notes faster when preparing interviews.
  5. Organize event registrations, reminders, travel documents, and job search expenses.

Plan your career, be better prepared for recruiter calls, manage your job hunt with Evernote.

Be Prepared for That All-important Phone Call: OneSuite

Crackling phone lines, dropped calls, and XXL-sized phone bills can ruin your international career plan. So pick the right phone service for your expat job search early.

Yes, some job interviews are conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts. But these online services may not always be available when and where you need them. Moreover, transatlantic call quality tends to be shaky on Internet-based phone services.

Wanted: a pre-paid service that doesn’t lock you into a monthly plan. It should allow you to track your international job search phone budget online. Also look for the following:

  • the service provides crisp and clear business-level call quality at low, pay-as-you-go rates;
  • it includes an app for your smartphone;
  • while abroad, you should be able to place international calls from your cell phone.

OneSuite is a pre-paid international calling card service on the web. It meets all these requirements, and then some.

OneSuite works like a pre-paid, rechargeable phone card. You can activate this “virtual calling card” online. It enables you to make international calls from any phone, anywhere. Important voice mails get forwarded to your designated job search email address.OneSuite doesn’t require a plan or ongoing subscription. You pay as you go, with your debit or credit card or via PayPal.

Get ready for that all-important call. Receive a 5% bonus on your sign-up and first recharge value with this link.

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