The Top 100 Websites for Your American / German Career

100? Seriously? You wish. This is a small niche.

Even with the economy between the U.S. and Canada on one side and Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the other going strong, you will have a hard time finding even 20 websites that offer valuable tips and tools for your job search or career in business between North America and German-speaking countries in Western Europe.

Okay, I admit  it – I’ve borrowed the headline for this post from Forbes, which just presented its readers’ recommendations for “The Top 100 WQebsites for Your Career.”

Check it out. If you are looking for online resources – not just “job boards” – to advance your career in the US., you’ll find tons of very solid tips on the websites Forbes has listed. On a few of the recommended sites you will even find useful tips for your career as a U.S, citizen in German-speaking Europe.

That’s all nice and fine. But what about the top websites specifically for your career between the US and Germany?

Inspired by Forbes long list, here’s the Germany-USA Career Center’s short list  for our niche:

[Image: Mashup of homepage excerpts from German and American websites

The Top 5 Websites for Your American-German Career

  1. <a href=" rel="nofollow">Make it in Germany

    Check out their “Five steps to working in Germany.” For qualified workers, the country offers fantastic opportunities. This English-language website offers information about the immigration laws, how to get your professional qualifications recognized, and also answers your questions about the required German language skills.

  2. <a href=" rel="nofollow">Work in the US

    Are you German, looking to kick-start your international career by finding a job in America? This U.S. federal government website fills you in on the basics, and provides tons of relevant advice and resources.

  3. <a href=" rel="nofollow">German American Chamber of Commerce

    While the German American Chamber of Commerce  serves predominantly as Germany’s tax payer-subsidized support structure for some of the largest German companies in the U.S., it also lists career opportunities with its member companies on its website, and frequently arranges for high-profile business and career networking opportunities.

  4. <a href=" rel="nofollow">American Chamber of Commerce in Germany

    Frequent job and internship listings, mostly in Germany, and a corporate member directory that can help you with finding a job in Germany as an American. AmCham is the oldest bilateral trade association in Germany. With more than 3,000 members, AmCham Germany is the largest American Chamber of Commerce in Europe.

  5. <a href=" title="Germnany-USA Career Center - For Applicants">Germany-USA Career Center)

    Of course 🙂. Or what other resource do you know that has successfully, since 1998, assisted highly qualified technicians, office workers, managers and C-suite executives in making their next career move with an American or German company?