The Frustrations of Finding a Job in Germany

Intercultural blogger Margit Appleton just posted some musings about the trials and tribulations of Finding a Job in Germany . I think it should be required reading for German bureaucrats, politicians and companies. As for American job seekers, it’s a must-read – with a caveat:

Don’t be deterred! There may be challenges, but they can be overcome. It’s good to be prepared, and to know what to expect.

When reading the blog post, the thought struck me that the mess described by Margit may actually have created its own antidote: the rapidly growing informal networks of more flexible companies (often international start-ups) and local expats in cities like Berlin, and, to a limited degree, in Hamburg in the North, in the Frankfurt / Main region (Europe’s “central hub”), and in Munich, in the southern German state of Bavaria.

In part, I think, the growing strength of that “expat employment network” may also one of the reasons why Berlin is attracting more and more expats from the rest of Europe, and also from the U.S.