Ten Things to Know Before a Job Interview in Germany

Item number one is the easiest: “Things will be different.” Very different.Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s see how you can learn about nine more German job interview basics. What should you expect as an American who is looking for employment with a German company in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart or Hamburg, for example?

Expat culture shock

Americans in Germany (and Germans in the U.S., of course) commonly experience a “culture shock” when entering the foreign work environment for the first time.

Newcomers are often humbled by their own lack of actual knowledge about the other country’s (workplace) culture. Those are important lessons to learn. Don’t waste the opportunity with “better” or “worse” comparisons. Think “different.”

Job Interview Quiz for American Expats in Germany

To help you prepare for a successful outcome, we have prepared a quiz for you on the Germany-USA Career Center website. It highlights some common situations American applicants face in their job interviews with German companies, Job Interview Basics for Americans in Germany on the Germany-USA Career Center website.


Source: Germany-USA Career Tips - Germany-USA Career Center Career Services.