IT Jobs: What Can Block Your Career Success Abroad?

Check out this overview of the Top 9 IT job skills required in 2014 (Source: Have you been approached, as an American (like many of our users), by recruiters with several possible job opportunities in Germany, or with transfer opportunities to the U.S – to Silicon Valley, for example – from Germany?

You may have almost all of the required prerequisites included in the infographic – except perhaps the one that 66% of employers say is key.

Or, to be more specific, you may not have it for your destination country, because interpersonal skills are mostly culturally defined.

The good news: Such skills can be learned, too.

If you suspect that a lack of interpersonal skills, culture-specific or not, could get in the way of your next career step in the U.S. or in Germany, you should ask one of our experts where to turn to for the required kind of coaching or training.

We are here to help!

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