If a Search Takes More Than 60 Days: Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Given the weak state of the employment market in the U.S., there are more than five questions to ask yourself, if filling a stateside vacancy in your company is taking more than 60 days.

As for business between the U.S. and Germany, the following five can be important, in my experience:

  1. Are we using the right network, channels, platforms, print media?

Usage of social networks, in the “real world” and online, varies between the U.S. and Germany, as do the privacy attitudes and job search media usage patterns of both active jobseekers and dormant candidates.

  1. Did we consider the differences between advertising career opportunities in Germany, and job advertising in the U.S.?

Hint: still two different planets, basically.

  1. How important are German – or English – language skills for this position? How important is being familiar with both – U.S. and German – business cultures? In most cases, it depends on the vacancy.

Rule of thumb: the less critical those requirements, the more it could be advised to “localize” the search. In some circumstances, for instance running a translated – German – job ad version in selected German print publications (industry verticals and/or general interest) should be considered.

  1. Where and how can the most desirable (dormant) candidates in a highly specialized field be approached?

There is a big difference, even within the same industries, between the two countries as to where you can find those candidates, and how they can be approached without breaking the law…

  1. Have we limited our options by including “locals only” or “current US residents / citizens only” as an application requirement?

If that is the case, you may never hear from that machine tools technician or engineer who is sitting on a packed suitcase in Germany, holding a “Green Card”, and is all ready to go to work for a company in North America – no visa hassle for the employer involved.

Of course, these five questions merely scratch the surface of the new challenges posed by a search for German speaking employees. They don’t include a more obvious one: “What will my boss say?!”

“I don’t know what happened. We have used the same job sites and search services that always work for us with more general searches – but nothing,” is a familiar complaint that I hear from companies who have not used the Germany-USA Career Center yet, and whose search using other platforms and resources is rapidly approaching the 60-days mark.

Hopefully, you will be able to avoid that trap. Tip: plan for a search in a highly specialized niche that is simply – different.

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