How To

If you are currently looking to find a new position in this niche, or if your company is trying to fill a vacancy in Germany or in the U.S. –  this may be a good time to get some new insights.

Even from the experts perspective – modestly including ourselves – on the American / German cross-border / cross-cultural / bilingual employment market, the rules change and evolve constantly, due to the Internet, social networks, social media and the general economic landscape. And change is our friend, right?

On this page, the Germany-USA Career Center provides useful tips for American companies new to the field on how to successfully recruit employees in Germany, and for German companies how to accomplish the same in North America. And for job seekers, how to turn yourself into a promising “target”, and get your application on top of our clients  proverbial resume pile!

Submissions from other experts on aspects of this subject welcome!