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Entrepreneurs in the [German capital]( "Berlin: How to recruit local staff in Germany?") complain about a lack of funding from local venture capitalists, according to a recent New York Times “Bits” blog post.
In addition, logistical challenges make it difficult for American investors to get more engaged: no direct flights from the German capital to the U.S. West Coast, for example.
Any bet the economic development managers of competing German cities like Frankfurt or Munich got a kick out of reading the piece.
*Source: [New York Times (blog)]( / [GUCC](*

My Experience with the Germany-USA Career Center

“Great insights to how the job outlook and system works in Germany. I appreciate [my Career Adviser’s] help in understanding a once mysterious system over there.On top of that, they did such quality work on my CV and cover letter. The service given can give you a ‘leg-up’ in your career search.”

Career Services user Aaron Riksen
Provo, UT

## Surprising New Talent Meccas: Favorite Cities of College Graduates
Which cities in the U.S.excel at attracting college graduates? How  do they make them stick around? Emily McMackin provides some answers on the [ Blog](

The New Talent Meccas: Surprising Cities Where College Graduates Are GravitatingSource: Blog / GUCC

  ## German Firm to Create Jobs in Columbia City, Indiana

Read more about the plans of Rostock, Germany-based orthopedics company Dot in this story:

German firm to create up to 20 jobs in Columbia City by 2016, Source: Fort Wayne News-Sentinel / GUCC

  ## German 3-D Printing Company Voxeljet To Open In Canton, MI

The company’s first U.S. service center is expected to open for business in the third quarter of this year. Voxeljet will print on-demand parts like molds, cores and models for the automotive industry, reports Heidi Schwartz in Business Facilities (BF).

German 3-D Printing Company voxeljet To Open In Canton, MI, Source: Business Facilities (BF) / GUCC

## Lufthansa Technik to Build Facility in Puerto Rico

German company Lufthansa Technik has signed a deal with Puerto Rico’s government to build a facility for aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul in the U.S. territory, according to eTurboNews.
[Lufthansa Technik to build facility in Puerto Rico](,2005:cluster= "Lufthansa Technik to build facility in Puerto Rico - Hilton Head Island Packet"), *Source: [eTurboNews](  / [GUCC]( "Germany-USA Career Center - Blog")*
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## Apprenticeship Coordinator – Machining, Virginia Beach VA – U.S.A.
– Germany-USA Career Center job advertisement –
U.S.A.: **STIHL Inc.** (Manufacturing/Production) is looking for: ** Apprenticeship Coordinator – Machining** in Virginia Beach VA. [More here.]( "Seeking Apprenticeship Coordinator - Machining, Virginia Beach VA U.S.A.")
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## Position Sought Ads USA / Germany (“Stellengesuche”)
Seeking Employment: Internship in field of management , Berlin, Germany. [**Contact this candidate here**.](
Seeking Employment: Fuehrungsposition/ Senior Management Position Operations, Supply Chain, Manufacturing. No preference, USA. [Contact this candidate here.](
 Seeking Employment: I.T. Manager, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Weisbaden, Kaiserslautern, Darmstadt, Germany. [Contact this candidate here.](

## Happy Anniversary, Live Work Travel USA!
 “WOW!! I can’t believe it’s been one year,” writes Dan of Live Work Travel USA, and revisits highlights In his anniversary blog post:

Happy Anniversary Live Work Travel USA – A Year in Review, Source: Live Work Travel USA / GUCC

Battle for North America

 Germany’s auto giants plan to unleash “billions of dollars” to expand North American production, reports Business Facilities.

Battle for North America, Source: Business Facilities (BF) / GUCC

## “Dual-Educated” German Interns Learn on the Job in Georgia
 Joachim Herz Stiftung and GACC South have launched a joint program to train German interns in Georgia, according to an announcement by the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern United States (GACC South). More here:

Trainees from Germany to start U.S. internship Source: AHK USA – Atlanta/GACC South / GUCC


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