Five Time-tested Tools When Looking for a Job

**“What would you recommend for me?”**

This is one of the most frequent questions our Career Services team gets,  from Americans looking for a job in Germany, or German-speaking or German-trained job seekers here in the U.S.

You –  a German or American looking for career guidance in our niche, for example in preparing a job interview with a particular company – are meticulous and well organized. But but that’s not a surprise.

Why? Because most Americans in Germany who have built a career in this niche, or set out to do so, are well-trained, well-prepared, and highly specialized. The same holds true on all levels for skilled workers, managers and executives with German language or business background here in the U.S.

“Very helpful. I discovered more opportunities than I imagined.”

[Germany-USA Career Services]( "Career Services") client Alyssa Twitchell
Many of you already have intimate knowledge of your own industry (German: “Branche”) in *both* countries. Some of you are just launching their cross-border career,  because you plan to leverage your language skills or MBA or passion for international business. And a few of you go back and forth between Europe and the U.S. for personal or family reasons.

What almost all of you have in common: by the time you call the Germany-USA Career Center to take us up on our offer for a 15-minute free consultation, you’ve already done some important homework, even if you just started out.

Looking for a job in Germany or USA? Job boards, headhunters, Internet research – how did it work out so far?

You’ve browsed at least some general job boards and maybe Internet forums in your native language, with mixed results. You’ve been looking for American recruiters in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, or for German headhunters in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles or Silicon Valley.

You may even have attended networking events of industry or trade associations in your “neighborhood” – groups that facilitate business between American and German companies.

Yes – unless you are really out in the sticks, there is one not too far from you. “Not too far,” of course, being a relative term here, depending on where you are – in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, or in the U.S. or Canada.

We’ll cover some of these organizations in a future Germany-USA Job Search & Career Tips blog post.

Spend more time speaking with real people in our field.

Most of you who call us for their free 15-minute consultation have already read up on the basics of job hunting in German American markets on our [Frequently Asked Questions]( page. Among many other topics, like how to find lists of German or American companies in USA or Germany, it also explains what the Germany-USA Career Center can do, and how we do it.
At the Germany-USA Career Center, the pieces of your American – German job search puzzle fall into place
In a nutshell, we are in the business of matching accomplished, bilingual / multilingual employment candidates – like yourself –  with great companies in a narrow, highly specialized niche in the U.S., Canada, Austria, Germany and in Switzerland.

“Great companies”, as we see it, include very small start-ups and family-owned American and German “Mittelstand” companies – not just Fortune-500 corporations.

If, on the other hand, all you are looking for is some giant job board that will treat you with the personal touch that pigs can expect in a meat market, you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you prefer the “Upload my CV, fire-and-forget” approach to job searching, the Germany-USA Career Center may not be the right address.

For starters, while companies post career opportunities on our site, we are not primarily a job board. As a matter of fact, the Germany-USA Career Center started as a plain email list 15 years ago. Today, the “Germany-USA Job Mail”  service is the largest opt-in mailing list in our niche.
Since 1998, the Germany-USA Career Center has assisted employers with specialized solutions for their international staffing, recruiting and staffing needs in this niche, and we helped thousands of professionals seeking employment with those companies – like yourself – make their next career move.

“Very helpful. The biggest value was providing information

and advice which I did not know yet.”

[Career Services: Career Coaching and Consulting for Americans and Germans]( "Career Services") user Stephan Mayer
If you are looking to get hired by a German or American company in this niche, we provide you with job search tools and career services, custom-tailored to your situation  and with a personal touch. To come back to the original question:

What can we can recommend specifically for you?

The answer will mainly depend on your personal job search situation. The following five Germany-USA Career Services are some of the favorite job search tools of Career Center users.

There’s a reason for that. These job search tools were developed and have evolved over time because Americans or Germans like yourself asked for them., when they were looking to work for a company in either country.

We listened, and created the tools they were asking for. They also provided us with feedback, and we keep listening, and constantly adjust what can be improved based on your input.

Which service is right for me?

  • CV upload into our Resume Library
    Cost: free
    Recommended for: Job seekers whose documents meet the standards and requirements in the country of their job search, and who want their CV to be accessible for employers / hiring managers in the largest database for this niche.
  • CV Alert
    Cost: service feeRrecommended for: Proactive job seekers who would like to send out their CV to a list of companies and recruiters in our niche (like U.S. companies in Germany, German companies in the U.S.)
  • R****esume Writing Service
    Cost: as listed (3 career levels)Recommended for: Applicants / non-native speakers who would like to create or improve their cover letter and resume, to make the best “first impression” possible
  • Career Adviser
    Cost: as listed (3 career levels)Recommended for: Employment seekers who need a detailed CV review and/or basic or advanced assistance with their job search focus and strategy from American / German HR experts
  • Position Sought / “Stellengesuch” Posting
    Cost: rates depend on duration of posting; 1 mo. minimumRecommended for: Employment seekers who prefer not to upload their CV (yet), or who would like to remain anonymous, or who are looking for freelance / contract work.”Position Sought” ads are more common in Germany than in the U.S. They are a recommended solution for job hunters who are currently employed and don’t want their current employer to find out.We also find they work well for American job seekers who are looking for work in Germany or with subsidiaries of German companies in the U.S.

Specialized service providers such as translators, lawyers or international trade consultants, also post in our “Stellengesuche” section, because it attracts more offers from German and/or American companies.

Did you notice a job search tool elsewhere that you think the Germany-USA Career Center should offer? Let us know here!

This is not a complete list of how the Germany-USA Career Center can help you accomplish your goals.

Whatever solution you choose, please keep in mind that companies and their recruiters in this niche expect to find your CV in the Germany-USA Career Center Resume Library – create your free account here!

Not ready yet, perhaps because you still need to get your resume ready?

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