Feedback from Career Adviser Clients

Time to share some feedback from users of our Career Adviser department! If you are not a “newbie” to working for companies in business between the U.S. and  Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you may already have heard about our career consulting services.

Many of its users are pointed to the Germany-USA Career Center by former job seekers who have successfully used the Career Adviser. For Americans looking for work in Germany, or for German-speaking applicants seeking to make the next career step with a company based in the USA, our experts offer a personal consultation tailored to that person’s individual situation.

This  is the only career service for cross-border American-German and German-American business of its kind. We like to point out that it does not require an annual membership fee, like with some other organizations who will sit applicants down at a PC somewhere in New York City or Berlin, and then have an intern point them to, well – the Germany-USA Career Center. True story.

Who are the users of the Germany-USA Career Adviser service?

On the most basic level, they are either American citizens looking to leverage their professional knowledge and track record of working with companies who have ties to Germany. Others are looking to leverage their German language skills. They are planning to move on in the same or a related industry.

Or they are German, Austrian or Swiss citizens looking for a new opportunity in North America, or with an American company in Germany. This group includes many new “Green Card” holders  and long-time U.S. residents.

Many already have their American or German-style resume and cover letter ready. Others need advice regarding their application, or wonder if they should  turn to a resume writing service specialized in job applications for Americans in Germany, or Germans in the U.S.

Do you have time to waste?

What do the users of our Career Adviser service all have in common? When they first use the Career Adviser service, we always ask them why. Their answer shows that they did the math.

What we found is this: most of them have done a good amount of homework already, covering basics like visa / immigration questions (if applicable) , (re-) location issues, and what kind of position or industry to focus on. More than 80 percent are employed at the time they contact the Germany-USA Career Adviser.  They have checked the Germany-USA Career Center website thoroughly.

Above all, they found that in a highly specialized niche like ours, getting assistance from internationalHuman Resources(HR) professionals will be the key to real results.

Marco's Testimonial: GUCC Career Adviser Service

Consider this: If you suffered from acute appendicitis – would you go study medicine, or turn to a Internet “forum” to get advice on how to perform self-surgery?

Or, would you rather have a trained surgeon do the job?

Most of our Career Adviser clients have done a basic calculation. They came to the result that it would take them months to gather reliable information all by themselves on how to…

  • structure a job search in an unfamiliar market;
  • write a cover letter and resume for German or U.S. employers;
  • that meets the current requirements (tip: it’s NOT an exact science!);
  • refine an existing cover letter and CV;
  • research / develop a target list of American companies in Germany, or German companies in USA;
  • identify leads for unsolicited job applications, or a search in a specific city or region;
  • follow up on your application – the right way;
  • find unpublished job leads (tip: crucial!);
  • work the phone – and social media! – as a real-time search tool;
  • prepare and handle that all-important  interview.

Will it be worth it?

That’s what this posting is all about: You don’t have to take our word to it. Read below what Career Adviser users say.

Before they schedule their personal consultation, many of them have calculated how much they are getting paid currently for one hour of their time.

Then they look at the time they already spent on their search. Often, they find that it’s more affordable to work with a Career Adviser.

Depending on their career level, the amount charged for a Career Adviser consultation is modest in comparison. It amounts to what you would spend on a nice dinner with their spouse or partner.

We think that a good question to ask yourself when considering a Career Adviser session is: What are my priorities? What would make my “significant other” happier – me spending that amount on a dinner, or on boosting my job search?

Get faster results with your personal career coach

Almost all Career Adviser clients are so satisfied with the result of their decision, they recommended our services to others:

“The Career Adviser has been extremely helpful for me,” wrote Career Adviser user Matthew Carlton. “The adviser met me right where I was at in my search. The Career Adviser services helped me by imparting knowledge, sharing valuable information and perspectives as well as coaching me on the course of the job search.”

We asked: “On a scale of 1-10, 10 being “excellent”, how would you rate the service rendered by our Career Adviser?”

“10,” was the answer. Would he recommend the Germany-USA Career Center? “Yes, I would, as this is the best advice I have received concerning the American-German business sector.” Thank you, Matthew!

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