Comparison: Personnel & Recruitment Services

Did you know? The Germany-USA Career Center provides a job posting and search services Comparison Chart. By comparing recruiting and job board services offered in our niche, the comparative overview can help your company make decisions about which route to take with your personnel search to find and recruit German-speaking employees.

Are you looking – in the U.S. or in Germany – for a recruiting agency, personnel service or online job board that can help you fill a position in US-German operations, stateside or in your German subsidiary?

Do you need to find sales managers or sales engineers, automotive or manufacturing engineers, accountants or other finance professionals, quality assurance specialists, administrative or executive assistants, or lawyers licensed to practice both in the US and in Germany? Then you may find the following information useful.

German needle, in an American haystack

The task seems daunting to some, especially if they are new to this particular bi-national niche. Sometimes, they have already spent significant time and funds on a search that has not generated relevant results at all – but tons of non-relevant applications from candidates who often don’t meet even the most basic requirements.

The reasons behind that are quite simple. In a highly specialized niche employment market like ours – cross-border industries and business between the U.S. and Germany – available talent is often scarce, even during economic downturns. There are significant differences between the ways to successfully reach out to available (that includes dormant) candidates in both countries. Often, a visa sponsorship is not available for a particular position. German-language skills are important for a given position, but far more important are other, technical, managerial or financial skills and background in the industry.

Personnel search pitfalls for companies active both in the U.S. and in Germany

When the Germany-USA Career Center was launched more than 12 years ago, as one of the first niche-focused services of its kind, the online recruiting industry was still in its infancy. But one thing had already become very obvious: The one-size-fits-all job board / resume database approach does rarely work in a specialized, international niche like ours.

The “shotgun approach” of posting vacancies with the usual suspects, like general job boards, often did not generate any results at all. As for the “recruitment services” offered by a few bi-national trade associations: such groups were mostly placing interns (German: “Praktikanten”).

Beware the merry-go-round

As far as the exceptions were concerned, quite a few American and German companies have become weary of the “candidate carousel” that some membership-based organizations kept going by design: frequently, an employee hired by one member company (the new subsidiary of a German company in the US, for example), using the association’s “Career Services”, gets lured away only two or three years later – through the same trade group. The new employer: another member company (a competitor, for example), with pockets deep enough to see through any non-compete lawsuits.

Alternative: Search Firms?

For nationwide search firms, on the other hand, the size of our niche does not merit the same attention as much bigger recruitment market segments. One consequence: such searches are commonly conducted by a consultant who is neither familiar with talent acquisition for US-German businesses, nor with the requirements of a specific cross-border industry: machine tools or manufacturing automation, for example, international IP law or bi-national finance/accounting.

Which service is right for your company?

And all you wanted were FAST results… Here’s the good news: For more than a decade now, the Germany-USA Career Center has produced exactly that, and word has spread. We have built a solid brand in our niche, and – mostly by listening to our clients – developed important insights in what does or does not work for them in this market.

We are also aware that even in our niche, they have choices, and their repeat business has to be earned. That also means that we will rather refer a potential client to a partner in our recruiting network, if we feel that a particular search is out of the Germany-USA Career Center’s scope of experience.

Save time and cost: compare services!

As a tool to assist particularly American and German companies with their decision-making process how to conduct a personnel search in this niche, the Germany-USA Career Center has developed a recruitment / job posting services comparison chart for US-German and German-American business. If your company is currently planning or launching a personnel search in this market, we think it may help you get faster results, and significantly save on search expenses.

You can request the Comparison Chart here!