Marketing Abroad: Key Differences between USA & Germany

German vs. US Marketing: What's your take?American and German companies  often approach marketing and communications differently. But what are the key differences, and how significant are they? Here’s a way to gain some important insights.

If you are an American involved in management, marketing or communications with Germany in any way,  you may be interested in a  US Business Communications Perceptions Study Survey, currently conducted by our friends at Michael A. Burns & Associates (Dallas, TX) and Frohmann Michael (Frankfurt/M., Germany).

Their goal is to identify key differences and give German and American companies a better understanding of how to market themselves abroad. The survey takes about five minutes to complete, and participants can receive a FREE copy of the research findings after the survey is completed.

Please complete the survey and request your free copy here. Your responses will be anonymous and will not be traceable to any individual who completes it.