About This Blog

This blog is published by the Germany-USA Career Center. We provide search and personnel services for companies active both in the US and in Germany.

This blog’s business language  is English, with some long German words like “Personalbeschaffung“, “Personalverwaltungsangelegenheiten” (English: HR) or, our favorite, “Jahresabschlussvergütung” strewn in from time to time, whenever one of our blog authors wants to show off his or her German industry expertise.

One term you will rarely find on this blog is “headhunter”. We are not in the business of hunting heads or peddling the same small circle of executives from company to company in our niche to keep our own “carousel” going. We assist great companies in finding and hiring great employees! How we do it? Find out here!

P.S.: Are you interested in the solar / photovoltaics industry in the U.S. or in Germany? Check out the Solar Industry Blog of the Germany-USA Career Center!

In the News:

![GUCC Photo: Germany-USA Career Adviser Gift Certificate](https://i1.wp.com/www.germany-usa.com/webdata/wdpro_uploads/newsrelease/154/photo1/gift-certificate-germany-usa-career-center-press-release.jpg?w=400)
**Germany-USA Career Center introduces gift certificates**

Boston / Berlin (12/02/2013). The Germany-USA Career Center (GUCC, www.Germany-USA.com, www.Germany-USA.de, social media hashtag #jobsGUCC) has introduced gift certificates for its bi-national / bi-cultural resume writing and career consulting services.

In time for the holiday season and effective immediately, gift certificates are available for services like job search or interview assistance from an English or German-speaking Germany-USA Career Adviser for Germans and Americans in both countries.

The Germany-USA Career Center provides specialized recruiting and career development services for companies and individuals - most of them in engineering / manufacturing, sales, accounting / finance, administration or customer service - in its cross-border niche market.

Germany-USA Career Center website visitors now can purchase single gift certificates, like for a complete Resume and Cover Letter Translation / Writing package, or even multiple GUCC vouchers, for example for a whole series of Career Adviser consultations.

The service is designed to support a career change or job search all the way to and including the interview and onboarding process with a company in the U.S. or in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.