11 Top Resources for Recruiting Trends 2016

What will be the most important recruiting trends 2016? The Germany-USA Career Center has collected the most important resources, so you don’t have to.

“Prediction,” warns a Danish proverb sometimes (wrongly) ascribed to physicist Niels Bohr, “is hazardous, especially about the future.”

With that in mind, we’ll leave the forecasting of 2016 recruiting trends in the U.S. and in Germany to others.

But reading up on the 2016 industry forecasts this past week, it occurred to us to put together a shortlist of important overviews and trend reports we’ve come across and found interesting, to save you some digging:

Industry Forecasts: Recruiting Trends 2016

  1. Forbes: [10 Trends Companies Will Follow In 2016](http://bit.ly/Forb2016 "Consumerization of HR - Trends 2016" rel="nofollow)
  2. Cornerstone: [8 Trends That Will Transform Recruiting in 2016](http://bit.ly/CS8trends2016 "8 Trends That Will Transform Recruiting in 2016" rel="nofollow)
  3. CareerBuilder: [2016 U.S. Job Forecast](http://bit.ly/CBfc2016 "2016 U.S. Job Forecast" rel="nofollow) (covers recruiting / hiring trends)
  4. LaSalle Network: [2016 Hiring Trends](http://bit.ly/LSNfc2016 "2016 Hiring Trends" rel="nofollow)
  5. Top Echelon: [Recruitment Forecast: 5 Trends for 2016](https://www.topechelon.com/blog/contract-staffing-training/recruitment-forecast-5-trends-for-2016/ "Recruitment Forecast: 5 Trends for 2016" rel="nofollow)
  6. Robert Half Management Resources: [Demand by U.S. States and Fastest Growing Industries](http://bit.ly/RHfin "U.S. Accounting and Finance Positions Trends 2016" rel="nofollow)
  7. BDU: Jobchancen – [Mitarbeiter 50+ werden künftig mehr gefragt sein](http://bit.ly/50PlusBDU "BDU: Mitarbeiter 50+ werden künftig mehr gefragt sein" rel="nofollow) (in German)
  8. LinkedIn Report: [Germany Recruiting Trends 2016 ](http://bit.ly/LIrec2016 "LinkedIn Report: Germany Recruiting Trends 2016" rel="nofollow) [Infographic: Global Recruiting Trends 2016](http://bit.ly/LIrec2016 rel="nofollow)Infographic Source: [2016 Recruiting Trends Infographic – Source: Lucas Blake Blog](http://www.lucas-blake.com/blog/article/global_recruiting_trends_infographic rel="nofollow)
  9. Korn Ferry Futurestep: [Top Talent Trends in 2016](http://bit.ly/KF2016 "Top Talent Trends in 2016" rel="nofollow)
  10. CFO: [Eight Talent Arena Trends for 2016](http://bit.ly/CFO2016 "CFO: Eight Talent Arena Trends for 2016" rel="nofollow)
  11. ERE Recruiting Intelligence: [Recruiting Trends For 2016 And Their Supporting Best Practices](http://bit.ly/ERE2016 "ERE's Recruiting Trends for 2016" rel="nofollow)

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