Three Apps for Your German / American Job Search

Is there an app for that? Well, yes! Three smartphone / mobile device tools that can help with finding a job with an American or German company doing business in both countries.
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### **** ### **[App for Schmoozing with German and American Companies](** ### ** **
****The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest (GACC Midwest) has recently released its free **GACC Midwest Mobile App **for Android and iOS. GACC Midwest is a part of the official, government-subsidized German Chamber of Commerce – Handelskammer – network AHK.
The organization makes it easy for smartphone users to download the app. On its website, it provides a QR code that – when scanned with an Android or iOS mobile device – switches the smartphone’s built-in Internet browser straight over to the app store. Once you have downloaded the app, what’s in it for you when looking for a job with German companies in Chicago, for example?
In its current version, the app serves merely as a calendar of past and future German American Chamber of Commerce events, most of which are put on by or for German companies in Chicago and their American business partners. But that’s not at all a bad thing, if you are looking for a job with a German or American company in our niche – to the contrary. You just need to know how to pick the appropriate business and networking events for pursuing face time with potential resources and actual decision makers in the field.
The GACC Midwest app was created in partnership with German American Chamber member company 004 Technologies USA, also located in Chicago, and seems to be a work in progress. Our screenshot on July 14th alerted us to an event “In 20 hours,  on August 14th.” So much for Germanic exactitude 😉
### **[Mobile App for Improving Your German or English](** ### ** **
Let’s face it: For most of us, the second language is still a second language. If you are German and actually translate “aktuell” with “actual,”  or if you are American and refer in your – German – cover letter to past experience as a “Chef” (which means “boss” in German, and nothing else), it will likely prompt a potential employer to question if the “bilingual” German-English skills you claimed would really hold up under scrutiny.
Fortunately for all of us, Technical University Munich in Germany has created and perfected the **LEO Dictionary**, a free translation, interpretation and phonetics app for **[Android](** and **[iOS](** devices that covers both British and American English. It flies the Union Jack as an icon of all things (American) English, but we leave that detail to the nit-pickers (German: “Korinthenkacker”). It doesn’t take away from the app’s usefulness as a day-to-day business tool.
If you frequently need to communicate both in German and English, or looking for a career opportunity to do so on your next job, you should download the LEO Dictionary app to your smartphone.
It can seriously help you, language-wise, to be taken “serious” by Americans if you are German, and to leave the impression with Germans that you are an American who’s German is for real – “seriös” (legitimate, reliable, reputable). As long as you don’t use “Korinthenkacker” in a business conversation, that is.
### **[Mobile Help for Finding a Job in Germany or USA](** ### ** **
Okay, technically, it’s not truly an app, but so what? GUCC Mobile, the **[Germany-USA Career Center service for iOS and Android-driven mobile devices](**, may be even better than an app.
GUCC Mobile is a web-based service that is optimized for your mobile platform – no download necessary. It doesn’t take up valuable memory space on your smartphone, will never ask you to upgrade to a paid version, and it doesn’t try to make fast friends with all the people in your smartphone’s “Contacts” folder or social media accounts, like some “real” apps do.
Just tap the boxed arrow at the bottom of your screen, then the “Add to Home Screen” icon (iPhone example), and this mobile extension of the Germany-USA Career Center (the publisher of this blog) will be available at your fingertips whenever you need it – just like any app you already have on your mobile device screen.
You can use GUCC Mobile to check on responses from employers or recruiters in your GUCC account, read new job alerts and follow the Germany-USA Career Tips, reserve your next Career Adviser session, or put in a quick phone call to the Germany-USA Career Services team or your personal Career Adviser.
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